Felt Shoulder Pads A175

Felt shoulder pad with multiple lairs. especially for men's and women's jackets, blazers, coats.

  • Best Quality.
  • Perfect for ready to wear garments. 
Regular price Rs.55.00

Kimono Shoulder Pads

Kimono shoulder pads is a very lightweight Shoulder pad. One size fits most. Perfect with anything underneath. 
Regular price Rs.65.00

Shoulder Pads NY658

Hair cloth shoulder pads specially for Men's and women's jackets, blazers, coats.
  • High Quality.
  • Perfect size for your style.
  • Best for exclusive or formal men's wear.
Regular price Rs.85.00

Bust Pad Half Moon Shape

Bust Pads are basic fabric-covered foam pads, Specially used in women's garments like (blouses, corsets, bras) to create a figures smoother and more attractive bust lines. 
Regular price Rs.80.00