Chalk Pencil CP8000

Mark your fabrics with ease, and never get your fingers dirty. Different chalk colors range is suitable for light and dark fabrics. Ideal for all your sewing.

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French Curve

French Curve ruler

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Boning Wire Sewable

Boning wire sewable is used to Create or give shape and support to strapless garments, costumes, blouse and soft toys.......etc.

  • Flexible & Durable.
  • Sewable.
  • Best quality polyester material.
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Embroidery Punch Needle

Embroidery punching Needle is used to create textured designs on fabric or to loop fabric and yarn through patterns and designs. 

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Chaco Liner Chalk Pen


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Invisible Zips no.3 Cut-to-Size

Invisible zips are perfect for any concealed zip application; suitable for all kinds of fabrics and home furnishings, it is practically invisible when attached.

  • Invisible Zip no.3.
  • Closed-ended.
  • Laces Tape.
  • Best Quality.

Measuring Tape

High Quality Fiber glass Heat Proof tailors measuring tape Dual-Sided (cm/inch) 150cm/ 60inch.

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Air Erasable Pens Water Soluble Pens

Fine Quality Air Erasable Pen for Tailor and Designers to Marking on Fabric. which disappears like magic over-air.
  • The ink will disappear within 2-10 days from most fabrics.
  • The ink marking can be immediately erased with water.
  • Perfect for marking your fabric for si...
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Needle Pointed Trancing wheel TW01

The high-quality needle-pointed wheel with a wooden handle that is used on tracing paper and tracing sheet to trace a pattern and make small holes.
  • Fine quality wooden grip.
  • High-quality metal wheel with sharp edge needles.
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Graders Set Square Scale

Graders set square is a triangle shape set square with engraved markings of 45-degree angle grading lines on one edge, the other two edges are calibrated and beveled. It is the best tool for pattern making in the fashion and garments industry.
  • 45 Degree angle.
  • Engraved print...
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Pattern Making Grader Ruler 60cm

Garments Pattern making grader straight line ruler.

  • Environment-friendly material.
  • Flexible and Durable.
  • Sandwich line unerasable printing.
  • Kearing brand.
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Thread Clipper with Thumb Sport

Thread clipper is best tool for cutting & finishing the extra threads and fabric pcs in Home Sewing, Embroidery, Garment Industry & General Utility.

  • Best Quality.
  • Metal Sharp Pointed Blades.
  • Thumb Sport.
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Polyester Boning Hard PP-2

Polyester/Plastic Boning - Crafts & Corset Plastic Boning sewing for making wedding dress/corset/ bustle.

  • Extra Hard.
  • Best Quality.
  • Extremely Durable
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Adhesive Glue F6000 Assorted

F6000 adhesive glue. Used Especially for fabrics, jewellery, leather, and Adda work.

  • Clear White.
  • Smell less.
  • Best Quality. 

Clover Seam Ripper Large SR428

Clover seam ripper is used to cut seams, Basting threads, or threads under buttons.
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Sewing Thread Spool T1300

High-Quality Sewing Thread Material Set. The spool has 175 yards of threads. Durable thread is enough to meet most of your sewing needs as a face mask, jeans, clothing.
  • Unique functions.
  • Size (175 Yards).
  • Available in Four colors.
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Tailor Scissor

Full forged Nickel Plated Dressmakers Shears.
These scissors are designed for the comfort and safety.
High quality scissors
Protective Sleeve for blade
One knife edge blade
One serrated blade
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Velcro Tape

Velcro tape is also called magic tape. One side is a hook and one side is a loop tape.

• Holds Firm To Almost All Surfaces

• Easy To Remove

• Easy To Cut Into Desired Size With Scissor.


Pattern making Grader Ruler 50cm

Garments Pattern making grader straight line ruler.

  • Environment-friendly material.
  • Flexible and Durable.
  • Sandwich line unerasable printing.
  • Kearing brand.
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Pattern Notcher N45 Plier

Pattern Notcher N45 is a pattern making tools that creates a slit in the edge of  garments pattern.

  • Cut Size 1/4" deep x 1/16".
  • Easy Handling.
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Measuring Tape

Norman Quality Measuring  Tape Dual-Sided (cm/inch) 150cm/ 60inch.

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Measuring Tape

High Quality Fiber glass Heat Proof tailors measuring tape Dual-Sided (cm/inch) 150cm/ 60inch with case.

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Paper Puncher

High Quality Paper Puncher with Rubber Coated grip.

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Plastic Needle Threader 01

Plastic Easy Sewing needle threader tool for Hand sewing Needles & Sewing Machine Needles

  1. Easy to use
  2. Multi Colors
  3. Flower Shap...
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Measuring Scale

Stainless Steel high quality measuring Scale use to fashion designers and others.

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Bobbin HA Machine NICKEL Standard
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Magnetic Pin Cushion WMPC01

Magnetic Pin Cushion is ideally suited for the storage of pins during Draping and sewing. Powerful magnet sweeps up pins from a distance and easy to grab a pin or to drop one back onto the magnetic base.

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Fine Quality Awl with a Plastic handle used to make markings or punch small holes in leather, wood, and other materials.

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Sewing Threads 40/2 5000yds

Sewing threads 100% polyester effectively reduces sewing thread breakage on industrial sewing machines and others too.

  • Fine Quality
  • Cou...
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Bra Strap Adjuster 8mm

Bra strap adjuster is a pair of buckles & rings are used for joining straps to allow length adjustment and vary strap angle to bra cup. Ring, Buckles, slides and hooks are commonly made of plastic and nylon coated metal and stainless steel.

  • Best Quality
  • D...

Paper Scissor

7'' School Student Craft Scissors, Sharp Stainless Steel Blades Safety Soft Grip Handles Cutting Paper, Assorted Color

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Tracing Paper SCastle1685

Tracing Paper A/4 Galaxy White transparent paper used for tracing maps, drawings, or designs.tracing paper is paper made to have low opacity.

  • Allowing light to pass through.
  • 10 A-4 Size paper in one Unite.
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Wooden Accessories Box

Wooden Accessories Box. Best for sewing & jewelry accessories.

  • Best Quality.
  • Beautiful Colours.
  • Unique design.
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Cutting Mat

Pattern Cutting Mat.

  • Best Quality.
  • Unbreakable.
  • Made In Taiwan.

Snap Buttons Lion999Press

Snap fasteners (also called snap, popper, and press studs) a pair of interlocking discs commonly used in place of buttons to fasten clothing.
  • Rust Proof
  • Spring Loaded Press Stud
  • Composition: Iron
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Wooden Awl with metal sharp tapered edge.

Awl is a pointed sharp tapered tool for piercing small hole in a different kind of materials, such as Canvas, Garment Patterns, leather, Shoes, Wood, etc. 

  • Best quality wooden grip.
  • Nikal plated sharp metal tapered edge. 
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Nylon Coil Zip no.5

Nylon Coil zip Espceiaclly used for customized bed covers, pillow covers, cushion covers.......etc

  • Best quality. 
  • Coil Size 5mm. 
  • By Yard.
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Embroidery Scissor

The Embroidery  scissors Plastic Grip and curved Tip enables you to get close to the edge of the area to be cut without snipping the fabric with the point of the scissors by mistake.

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Rotary Cutter RC16

Rotary Cutter RC16 is tool generally used for Pattern Cutting and quilters to cut fabrics.

  • Best Quality.
  • Blade Size 45mm.
  • Easy Handling.
  • Changeable Blade.
Regular price Rs.850.00